Art, Law and You

Arts Law Centre of Australia provide free information sheets on a variety of topics under the heading pf photography. Some examples of this are a street photographers rights, unauthorized use of an image, planning to put photography online and much more. For further resources and details, you can click onto this link and follow the prompts.

Street Photographer's rights

South West Wildflower Hot Spots

During spring the Geographe area comes alive with a stunning display of over 2500 delicate wildflower species. Check out the following recommended wildflower hotspots. For easier reference click onto the link below.

Wildflower Hotspots


The Western Australian Photographic Federation (WAPF) offers interesting excursions and informative workshops to members. For further details, click on this link which will take you to the WAPF website. W.A.P.F. website


The Western Australian Photographic Judges Association (WAPJA) is an organization that provides training for photographic judges and they have a database of trained judges which camera clubs can access to provide experienced judges for clubs to use for internal competition and/or exhibition.

For further details, click on this link which will take you to the W.A.P.J.A website

Beginners guide to photography.

An interesting guide of 50+ tips and resources. Click here: Sam's Suggestion

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